Welcome to myCenter!


myCenter is an online virtual platform to match your dynamic family’s changing needs. We combine recreation with education and inspiration and cater to all of the members of your family. Just create an account, log on, and start learning!

Best yet, the experience can be played (and replayed) on any mobile device and there’s never a need to circle the block looking for parking.

We’ve taken hundreds’ of years of combined staff experience — seriously, we need to get out more — and applied it into a booming virtual platform. Think of it this way: the Center programs you know and trust — now, just a tap away.

We’ve got courses to help to spice things up in the kitchen, in the gym, and during playtime. Perfect for a rainy day (or any day really).

How does myCenter work?

myCenter offers virtual courses for all interest and for all ages. Just click on a course you're interested in to learn more about it and enroll! Once enrolled in a course, you will have access to classes released daily, weekly, biweekly, or all at once depending on the course.

Who is myCenter for?

myCenter offers a wide range of courses that are appropriate for children, adults, and seniors. It is open to enrollment for anyone who would like to take the course.

I'm not sure if a course is for me. Can I get a free trial?

Yes! We offer free trials for most of our courses. Just scroll down to the "Course Curriculum" section of the course you're interested in (it's usually the last section of the page) and check if any of the classes have a "PREVIEW" button next to them.

Click "PREVIEW" to gain immediate access to that class. If you like what you see, enroll in the full course!

If you do not see a preview option, then a free trial is not available for that course.

Will I have access to all course videos once I start?

This depends on the course. Classes can be released on a daily, biweekly, weekly schedule or all at once depending on the course. Classes are released in a way that makes sense for each course and for optimal skill building and progress.

Will there be more courses added?

Of course! This is just the start of myCenter. More courses are in the works and will be added soon, so keep checking back. If there is a course you would be interested in taking and don't see it here, email your suggestions to [email protected] - we're always looking for ways to improve!

I need help with something and I can't find the answer here. What do I do?

If you need help with something or have any questions, feel free to email [email protected].